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The thermometer can be sat on or hung from any oven rack meaning it is simple to use and will not interfere with your cooking. The oven thermometer allows you to accurately take the temperature of the oven at the exact position your dish is placed meaning you can be sure the dish is cooking at the correct temperature required. [Feature] -100 to 600f/50 to 300c; -nsf certified; ovenproof; -durable laboratory glass lens; target range indication; -304 stainless steel housing; -stand/hang this one is used in homes restaurants and bakeries everywhere! The monitoring thermometer is made of stainless steel. Its large easy-to-read dial shows clearly marked temperatures perfect for a professional kitchen. 1. The thermometer is not zero degrees at room temperature so even if the minimum scale is zero degrees the needle will not point to zero degrees. 2. Place the thermometer in the bottom of the baking sheet or in the middle of the baking sheet. Do not put food in while testing. 3. Do not hang on the heat pipe the heat pipe temperature is higher than the temperature in the box not necessarily the correct temperature in the box. 4. Different ovens have different temperatures at different angles. 5. Empty oven please dial to 30 minutes 15 minutes later to see the temperature prevail! 6. The temperature of the empty oven is different from that of the filled oven.

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335.00410.00 (-18%)

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