Nuskha e Shifa 500ml

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Dosage:- 20ml twice a day before meal on empty stomach preferably early morning and early evening

Uses:- 1) Highly useful in obesity and cholesterol control.
2) Corrects the digestive system of the body and removes unwanted fat.
3) Helps in decreasing the thickness of blood and thereby enhances its smooth circulation.
4) Regular use helps in controlling the blood pressure and a great prophylactic for maintaining Good Natural Health.

Active Ingredients:-
1) Honey: Power house of nutrition
2) Lemon Juice (Nimbu Ras) : A rich source of vitamin “C” which protects the skin from oxidative damage. The high potassium content encourages the heart action.
3) Ginger Juice ( Adrak Ras ) : A carminative and a stimulant to the gastro intestinal tract stimulates the circulation of blood.
4) Garlic Juice (Lahsun Ras ): Highly useful reducing cholesterol levels, Diabetes, Flatulence Cardiovascular disorders and Hpertension.
5) Apple Vinegar (Seb Sirka) : Highly useful in kidney Dysfunction, Diabetes, Heart Burn, Arthritis, Fatigue, Gastritis, High Cholesterol level and heart functions.

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Nuskha e Shifa 500ml

680.00855.00 (-20%)

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