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Adjustable Cake Leveler

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wonderworld Adjustable Bread Cake Slicer Cutter Pizza Dough Leveler Cake Decor This must-have of baking supplies removes guesswork from slicing uniform cake layers for precision and effortless decorating. Evenly sliced cake layers ensure an equal cake-to-filling distribution, better taste, and professional-looking presentation. Easy to use. For best results, allow cake to cool completely before cutting it. If cake is hot or warm, it may crumble. Adjust cutting wires to desired height, making sure they are level and locked in place. Set cake on a flat, level surface. Hold the cake cutter by the handle, and pull it gently through the cake. For uniform layers, keep the Cake Cutter’s feet firmly on the work surface.To level uneven cake tops, adjust bottom cutting wire to the lowest edge at the top of the cake, and pull the cutter across.

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